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Hi! If your reading this, I'd like to thank you for your efforts to share the wonders of the World and to share your time & experiences... As one that has just begun this step-up in the journey of life, I really admire your good works. This platform has it's own 'learning slope' and I look forward to your suggestions and input. Everything competes for our time, wouldn't you say? I hope I can keep up & will keep working on this. With your help, perhaps I can contribute too.

My background has lead me through most every facet of the capture and presentation of visual imagery for over 50 years. I hope to show what I see & find in the most pleasing presence to delight all viewers.

If I might humbly paraphrase from Dalai Lama and Rachel Carson...

"...we are one family."
"...this planet, our only home."

Great Day!

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