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Sir Sandford Fleming College Graduate Alumni - Fish and Wildlife Technician

I am a professional fish and wildlife technician, wildlife scientist and biologist from Ontario, Canada.

It has come to my attention that a group of certain individuals that are using iNaturalist for the purposes of criminal stalking, bullying, harassment, intimidation etc. For the purposes of sabotaging my life, career, reputation and with defamation.

Using my observations to track my real life locations.

Which has gone from illegal online stalking to me being attacked in real life. Being physically assaulted, sexually harassed and abused etc.

Which has resulted in me pursuing legal actions and litigation against those attackers and abusers.

I can sadly no longer post observations on iNaturalist as it currently puts my life in great danger and it is not safe for me to do so at this time.

As one of the best birders, iNat users and wildlife scientists in Canada. I should have been more cautious and aware. I didn't even think anybody was even paying attention.

I will however, keep using this account for other activities such as identifying observations that other users post etc.

Thank you for understanding.

Disclaimer and Legal Notice.

Please kindly ask me first before using my observations and data as I require that I be credited for my observations, photographs and data.

End of Disclaimer and Legal Notice.

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