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It took me 5 years (02/21/17 - 05/16/22) to achieve a goal of photographing 500 Research Grade Animals species in South Florida. Now, I go for 1,000.

Based in South Florida since 1986. A resident of central Palm Beach County. Employed by a large Medical Provider. I am 58, a veteran, and married. I have two dogs and listen to audiobooks in my car.
My childhood was spent in Chenango County in central NY State (617 Observations so far from a weeklong July 2021 visit). Along with weekend hikes, taking time to add observations here on iNat is one of my favorite things to do. I would encourage anyone reading this to be a financial contributor to iNat, especially if you are one who enjoys it as I do. INat can be a family affair; I have 4 family members doing their thing on iNat. The community here has been fantastic; very helpful and forthcoming. It is always a thrill to chalk up another new species. Thanks to all the Identifiers!

I am strategic about choosing where I will go on an upcoming weekend hike and what I take the time to post (1000s on my computer needing to post). Animals are my thing, but besides photographing animals, I will sometimes capture shots of Fungus and Flowers I see along the way. I have a location rotation spreadsheet of my favorite places so I can ensure a visit in different months. I look for new places of interest, especially those that seem lacking in iNat observations and less trafficked. I also consider what animal(s) I may try to target. I keep various spreadsheets and those particular month(s) lacking in representation, I try to beef up. Right now, my observations are lacking for September. The only manipulation I do to my photos are cropping and add a watermark. Not often, but if needed I will add a circle or arrow to the photo to help draw attention to the subject. On a map, I will pick a general location I may have crossed several times within that natural area and use that centralized spot for all observations within, as my Canon 80D does not have GPS.

Research Grade is what it is all about. Currently 80% of my observations are RG. Some of my most interesting observations can be seen using these Tags:
Aqu-Vu (underwater camera)
Event (a particular behavior)
Favorite (my best)
Florescent Lantern
GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility)
Injury (and disease)
Look Under
Nest (also carrying of nesting material)
Trail Camera
With Video (links to Video Clips on YouTube & Facebook)
I am the administrator of 79 projects and have added 64 places. I like to be informed when any of my photos are used outside iNaturalist. I get a kick when one my observations was helpful in a paper someone worked on, so please share your finished work if one of my pics helped. Also, reach out to me because chances are I might have additional photos, but only posted "the best one".

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