Frederik Leck Fischer

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I have a fondness for arthropods and I joined iNaturalist in early 2020. I've been putting in all observations made through the years that I remember the locations of, as well as a lot of new ones. I wrote my bachelor thesis on the Stenoplematoidea orthopterans of the world, now im focusing more on araneae.

I have a masters degree in biology from The University of Copenhagen. My master thesis were on crab spiders' sensory biology. The thesis was focusing on Xysticus cristatus and Ozyptila praticola, which im kind of an expert on now. If you see me ID X. cristatus and O. praticola from habitus (Which according to some isnt possible) then know that I have looked at the species for 9 months! :-)

Favorite taxa:

  • North European Spiders - I cannot help with observations done outside Europe, at least not to species level.
  • Scarabaeoidea
  • Primates
  • Chelicerates in general
  • Butterflies

--Good spider links for the beginner---

Distribution maps, pictures and genital drawings:

The british arachnological society has species descriptions, and a tonne of other cool stuff

Great genital pictures of all common european spiders, opiliones, and pseudoscorpions

The german atlas project (with distribution maps and similar)

Massive Cellar spider (family: Pholcidae) project!

The german spider-wiki, is packed with information, and works perfectly with google translate, if you aren't good at german!

Cool SEM images of a selected band of European spiders:

Thomisid guide of Scandinavia:

New species for my country that I've found:
Closterotomus trivialis
Sardinidion blackwalli
Parasteatoda tabulata
Dorypteryx longipennis
Possibly Microterys seyon - But i would never have known without seeing that Jonas Lutz and Peter Bonde had identified it secondarily

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