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🏳️‍🌈 Disabled artist, herpetoculturist, and bird enjoyer on Florida's east coast. If pronouns are important to you then she or they please.

My camera is a simple point'n shoot (nikon coolpix a900 35x with wide optical zoom). I am very grateful for any IDs on my photos and if something is incorrect PLEASE let me know and give me a correct ID. I am especially grateful for explanations on what/why I was wrong. I'm here to learn as well as share!

If you are an artist of any kind, all of my photos are available to use as references!

I like to fave lots of submissions, regardless of their "quality". Most of the time it's because I think it would be a helpful artistic reference but there are lots of times where I see something that makes me smile so I just hit the heart button.

‼️ Don't know if a bird is a corm or anhinga? feel free to ping me! I may not always be able to ID the corm but I can almost always tell when it isn't an anhinga.

Please feel free to also ping me on
▸North American Grackles! please show me grackles. Seriously.
▸images that might need their color or brightness tweaked with editing software to help an ID (I use Photoshop CS4)
▸pictures of pelecaniformes facing forward. makes for some of the best bird photos trust me.

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