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I usually upload observations with a coarse ID for speed and come back to it later to look at it in more detail. If I do incorrectly ID something, please don't hesitate to correct me! The Curator badge on my profile may seem intimidating, but honestly there are very few species I'm very confident on IDing.

My name's Lexi, I just graduated with a degree in Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I've always loved nature and would spend recesses at school looking for bugs :)

I love that iNaturalist is a way to combine both my love for nature and my love for information science, all while helping out the scientific community.

I really love isopods, snails, algae, and cacti!

Projects I admin/have created:

  • Unambiguous Isopods, a project to document isopods that show all defining characteristics for a 100% verifiable ID.
  • Lawns of the World, a project to document life living in lawns/yards from around the world.
  • Hermit Crab Homes, a project that aims to find patterns in what species of shells hermit crabs use.
  • Power Line Pruning, a project that showcases all of the trees and other plants that have been trimmed (often improperly) to accommodate human constructions.
  • Epivehicular Entities, a project where the organism being observed is living in a vehicle.

And a few just for fun:

Here's a collection of my absolute best photographs. ;3
My camera for normal observations is just my phone (iPhone 11 Pro).
My microscope is the AmScope M150C, and the pictures are captured with an AmScope MD500 microscope camera.

If you would like to use any of my photos/observations for anything, feel free! All my stuff is licensed under CC-BY, which essentially just means I'd need to be credited in some way. Let me know what you use if you want, I'd love to know the ways I'm able to help out :D

iNat Discord: https://discord.gg/uskv2yx

My icon was made by the wonderful artist singajelly!

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