Glo O'Brien

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I've had an interest in nature and climate from a young age, particularly in the areas of wildlife and nature photography - leading to my photography diploma from Fanshawe College in 2012.
This passion has recently flourished further with my studies in the Fish and Wildlife Program at Sault College, along with returning home to a relatively remote part of Sault Ste Marie, surrounded by wetland and Lake Superior. Particularly interested in wetland ecosystems. I spent the summer of 2022 working for Ontario Parks at Sandbanks Provincial Park - a unique and protected dunes ecosystem. This served to broaden my interests in wetland ecosystems and species that thrive in those areas. Birding and large mammal observations are what I get particularly excited about; particularly shorebirds, waterfowl, cervids and felidae. When it comes to my interests in flora you can find me excitedly identifying any conifer I come across out in the field.

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