Sotirios Liakas (Σωτήριος Λιάκας) Curador

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Autodidact in recognition of living beings. I am keen on learning a lot through the community.
I'm a person who wants to contribute to science. I still haven't studied something, but I want to study biology. My favourite places on earth are the subtropical ones because of their special climate, flora and fauna. My favourite area is the (east) Mediterranean sea and sometimes I also find myself in Black Sea (especially in Crimea) because of the similar flora.

I like walking through fields photographing and discovering new things.

I've been dealing with

  • Cicadidae (Cicada sp., Lyristes sp., Cicadatra (Syn. Psalmocharias) sp., Tibicina sp., Oligoglena sp., Cicadetta sp, Dimissalna dimissa)
  • Quercus (Oaks)
  • Amaryllidaceae (Narcissus, Sternbergia, Pancratium...)
  • Fabaceae (Vicia, Trifolium, Lathyrus, Hippocrepis, Glycyrrhiza, Colutea...)
  • Lamiaceae (Sideritis, Stachys, Marrubieae...)
  • Malvaceae (Malva, Abutilon)
  • Mimosoideae (Acacia, Vachellia)
  • Asparagales (Agave Aloe, Asparagus...)

One current occupation of mine is writing down the flora and fauna of Oropos, the northernmost part of Attica, which is still less discovered than other Attican regions.

Click here for the Oropos Check List

Thanks to everyone for your observations!

Sotirios L.
Athens, Greece

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