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A short damselfly documentary I've made:

Hello, I'm Mila. I'm a young amateur naturalist and wildlife photographer based in Pennsylvania. I enjoy traveling to explore new natural locations. At the moment, I'm interested in birds, springtails, odes, and herps (namely salamanders and snakes). I'm also very passionate about nature conservation.

A lot of my time is spent in the field exploring for animals, but I like to help identify species I'm confident in and also observations around my local area. Sometimes I'll also add broad identifications to new users' observations marked as 'unknown.'

I'll definitely get some IDs wrong, so please correct me when I do. It's especially helpful if you can point out how to not make the same mistake again. I'm happy to explain why I suggested a different ID for your observation if I didn't already. Feel free to mention me in any observations you need a second pair of eyes to have a look at!


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“The mountains are calling & I must go & I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.” -John Muir

Thank you to all of the iNat staff and the dedicated identifiers and naturalists who make up this great community!

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