Thilina Prasad Hettiarachchi

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I'm Thilina Hettiarachchi and currently reading a Master at Department of Entomology, University of Manitoba, Canada. I'm working on Dr. Jason Gibbs's bee lab and studying on a Taxonomic revision of Lasioglossum (Hemihalictus) in western North America (Hymenoptera: Halictidae).

I majored in Applied and Economic Entomology in my B.Sc. (Agric. Tech. and Mgt).

Especially I have an interest in all most all fauna and flora species, but I have an enormous interest mostly in insects and other related arthropods, especially for studying bees, chrysomelid beetles, thrips, and hymenopteran parasitoids.

Please ask before using my images (I'll probably say yes). You have my permission to use my images for any educational use including on citizen science sites and boards as long as you credit me. Citizen science is cool, please don't abuse it.
There is a "real" fantasy on our very doorstep, after all!

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