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not looking back, only forward.................
✧ trying to get better at vouchering collections; will probably collect any telamonia, russula, russularia, hygrocybe, entoloma from this point on, let me know if you take interest in those. Probably not going to inundate myself with random black dots before I have the capability of knowing at all what they are..
✧ trying to get better at observing/learning/recreating plant communities as well!
✧ new name, not sure if it'll last but the last one wasn't supposed to and did for way too long anyway
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Hey there! Please take a picture of the underside of the mushroom and tell us about the habitat (especially trees nearby for those on the ground, or just conifer/hardwood for those on wood) for a reasonably confident ID. You can also excavate it to show features at the base, cut it open, note colour patterns and changes, fluids, smells. Picking it does no more harm than already being there, what you see is just the fruit of the organism.
✧ consider making a point to observe in this area #1 rule of conservation, much harder to save things we don't know are there.

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