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Hi, I'm Eli! Always learning. (he/they)
My general lepidoptera activity might be hit or miss for a while since I'm now beginning the first semester of graduate school. We'll see how that goes!

I try to use online resources such as BugGuide and MPG for IDs before leaving it up to the community. I also try to remember to place leaf mines in the Leafminers of North America project, mites or parasitoids in the Passengers project, and mating pairs in Mating Behavior project. Most of my observations are taken with my phone.

Please feel free to @ me with questions or ID help! I am still an amateur with lepidoptera and may not know the answer, but will do my best to help you.

Wildflower Phenology for Arkansas Polllinators
Haploa Moths (All-White Forms)
Moths of Arkansas

Arkansas Lepidoptera; approximately 22k life stage annotations and misc. dead annotations.
Genus Haploa; several thousand life stage annotations.

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