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02 de septiembre de 2018

Help Identifying Local Range of Orthotrichum Moss in Salt Lake Valley

Hey fellow iNat addicts!

I am working on a project to understand the reasons for why mosses in the genus Orthotrichum seem to only grow in the northeast portion of the Salt Lake Valley, and could use your help. If anyone happens to notice this moss, particularly in the valley outside of the northeast corner or in the Oquirrhs, I would be thrilled if you uploaded it. It's the only moss I can recall finding above the bases of standing trees in the valley itself, so any moss on trees you find in the area is probably it. It's also really easy to identify to genus in our area, or at least I think so. :)

If you are interested in learning more about this, I posted my hypotheses on Reddit. I also created an iNat project where I will record some of my experiments.

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