Butterfly ID tips from Parragon's Ultimate Guide

Giant Swallowtail -- distinguished by diagonal band of yellow spots on each forewing, large yellow spots on margins of each wing and yellow eyespots on the tails.

Tiger Swallowtail -- background color is yellow with black stripes on the forewing and black wing margins with yellow spots, tail streamers are black and hindwing edges are gently scalloped.

Black Swallowtail -- two rows of yellow dots along wing margins, iridescent blue patch on hindwings between the bands, a small red eyespot on the inner edge of each hindwing.

Orange Sulphur -- small dark spot in the center of the forewing.

Cloudless Sulphur _- brown-edged pale spot in center of forewing as seen from below.

Gray Hairstreak -- Orange and black eyespot above the tail on the hindwing, visible from below as well; delicate orange, black, and white band crossing the wings.

Pearl Crescent -- from above the wings are orange with black borders and markings; the underwings are creamy yellow with brown veins, with two distinct brown patches on the forewing and a pale crescent on the hindwing.

Little Wood Satyr -- rich brown wings with a pair of dark lines at the edges, a pair of eyespots on each wing, black with orange rings and silver-blue highlights. On the underside the eyespots are connected by small metallic spots.

These notes are from a very nice book, but most of the species it shows are from other continents, so I had to give its shelf space to another book.

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