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20 de agosto de 2018

My obsession with Echinoids (Sea Urchins).

As some people might know, I am a little obsessed with Sea Urchins (Just check the identifiers list on Sea Urchins), in fact I almost cannot stop thinking about them or something related to them, it sometimes makes life difficult when trying to focus, by brain will be off in the dancing in the clouds with Echinothuriids, Toxopneustids and Kinas. All my life I have had some sort of passion/obsession with nature (Volcanology, Geology, Anthropology, meteorology etc), they may shift around a bit during turbulent years, but I always end up back with Marine Biology, right now am working towards becoming a Marine Biologist and I would like to specialize in Echinoderms and Mollusks, but I am prepared to accept not quite getting the role that I want (I still want to be associated with the topic of Echinoderms somehow). I have always been an Avid shell and rock collector (shells right now, my rock collection is back in Panamá), right now, since I have returned to NZ with some stressful times changing up, saying by to my friends (Who mostly spoke Spanish, or Español as they call it) and coming back and saying hello to old and new friends. It wasnt so simple though, my moderately bad OCD returned after staying dormant, I nearly fell into mild depression and my annoying tics returned, so I have to thank Inaturalist for helping me. It changed my life for the better distracting me from my worries and anxieties and I could to what I truly loved, I would also like to thank many people like @clinton, @indeynz, @tangatawhenua, @nzshells, @phelsumas4life, @davemmdave and many others who unknowingly made me feel accepted and acted as role models inspiring me to learn more about these topics. Back to my obsession with echinoderms, I have Aspergers syndrome, and I am proud of it, I have very little of the negative symptoms and the positive ones are overwhelming.
I thank everyone who finished reading this and would be happy to hold conversations about experiences with Inaturalist or beach findings in the comments:)

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