Reef Fish Life List

So I just recently discovered iNaturalist.

I've kept a "life list" of reef fishes for several years now. Just a spreadsheet, with lists for Caribbean/Bahamas, Indo-Pacific, and Eastern Pacific. Currently it's at about 1050 species. Approximate because I don't have an easy way to remove duplicates I've seen in more than one region.

So I'm in the process of entering all of this into iNaturalist. Not every sighting of every species, which I haven't recorded anywhere. But each species at least once. For the first pass, I'm using my best photo of each. I probably have photos of 3/4 of them. Then I may go back and enter non-photo observations of my first sighting of the remaining species.

So that's why you'll see many observations of similar fish from me, spread out from all over the world over the past decade.

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