26 de abril de 2019

City Nature Challenge: Pittsburgh is up and running - April 26-29!

Hi! If you're tagged in this post it's because you're one of the top iNaturalist observers or identifiers in our area. I'm writing in the hopes that you'll share some more observations this weekend, April 26-29, as part of the global 2019 City Nature Challenge competition. Any photos taken within Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Beaver, Washington, or Westmoreland counties count for our region in the project!

You don't need to specifically join the project - any observations within those counties shared this weekend will automatically be included - but you can follow the goings-on here:

A few ways your help would be very much appreciated:
*Share observations (April 26-29).
*Encourage friends and family members to join and help increase the number of participants in our area
*Identify organisms that others have uploaded (April 26-May 5). This is an area where we especially need help!

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! PS: It's amazing how many cities are participating this year - check it out here: http://citynaturechallenge.org/

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