Intrepid Bee

Here it is Fall 2021, October. There’s barely any sun still on my terrace, except pale morning light off the East River. All the Bumbles, and other, seem gone, when I’veI stepped out to look. The New England Aster is over, the Anise Hyssop long gone, only the White Woods Asters are still hanging on, but going to seed. They were visited most recently, in a flurry, by Hover Flies, and small bees. Silence. Only the approach of winter, is seen, not heard.

But, there's an intrepid bee, a small, furry orange, a Mining bee, as far as I can tell (a search online) is still trying for the last of whatever nectar it can find, and just may have made nest, (a tunnel) in one of the planters, the one with the exposed soil and small shallow bowl of water that I put out over the summer. And, just in case, I won’t remove it, or disturb anything until the Spring.

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