Visiting Bay Area - This Weekend (7/2 - 7/4)

I will be traveling up to the Bay Area for the upcoming weekend with @biohexx1 to do some iNatting. We will be meeting @leslie_flint late Saturday afternoon (7/2), @dpom on Sunday, and both at the crack of dawn for some tidepooling Monday morning before we have to head south and get through LA before the traffic (hopefully) becomes overly bad at the end of a holiday weekend.

I hope to set-up a bug light Saturday night. @kueda care to join us? Do you have any recommendations on where we should do this. Both Donna and Leslie plan joining in on the fun.

@robberfly Will you be around during this time? Especially on Sunday when we don't have any solid plans.

@loarie @kestrel @tiwane Let me know if you want to join us somewhere. It would be nice to meet you in person.

Sorry for the short notice on the trip but I really hadn't thought about heading up that way until earlier this week and just finalized plans to this point last night.

It won't be the same without @gyrrlfalcon but I'm in good hands.

Plans so far
Saturday afternoon target San Francisco Forktail
Saturday night run blacklight for insects

Wide open day without solid plans so far. I do want to walk a beach at some point and look for mollusks and kelp that we don't have in SoCal.

Tidepooling (tentatively) at Seal Cove. Low tide is about the same time as sunrise.

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SoCal meets NorCal! Will be fun!

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Not planning to stop in Monterey Bay? We've got bivalves......

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Gina, it all depends on traffic. I didn't originally tag you because I figured you were too far away but please head north and join us if you can. I don't think we will have time this trip, mainly because of the traffic issues along the coast, but I am planning to do a trip to the Monterey Bay area in the fall.
And not only bivalves, but cute otters too!

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I'm a bit shy about driving in holiday traffic, so you were right about the SF Bay area being a bit out of range for me. Fall is a better time in Monterey anyway. I'll be sure the otters are extra adorable and fluffy for you (and maybe eating interesting things close to shore). Have fun with the SF crowd!

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It's crazy we have to worry about holiday traffic. There will come a time when we won't since we'll all be socked into our respective corners of the state! The Grapevine will be hell coming back.

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Light rail connecting Monterey, Santa Cruz and SF would be heaven.

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I'll be in Sonoma County. That means I'll miss any SF activities, but happy to meet up with anyone who wants to take a day trip north

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Would love to join you guys at some point Saturday, maybe Monday morning. Will get in touch in private.

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Have fun up north and try not to get kidnapped by Ken-ichi and co. We need you down south!

SF forktail is a tough ID I hear. Might need to bring a net to catch them, if its legal to do so.

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That sounds like a good weekend. I haven't been over to the coast in a long time.

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@vermfly come join us. It'll give you an excuse to hit the coast.

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I know Saturday isn't possible but Sunday might be an option. Getting over to the coast is such crap for traffic. I have to pass through the entire Bay Area to get there from Sacramento.

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Saw @dpom at Point Reyes Butterfly Count today. She mentioned your eminent arrival. I am free Sunday ( though jet lagged from my East Coast sojourn ) and Donna said she'd coordinate with you. Can show you SF Forktail, Presidio Clarkia & endemic Manzanitas. Callippe Silverspots still on the wing along San Bruno Ridge trail. Moth lights rough during " June Gloom " season - too cold at night for much. So...I'm free Sunday. Welcome. Love to connect.

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Sounds awesome, but will be away in Anderson Valley the whole weekend. Enjoy your trip!

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I'm pretty firmly ensconced in Sonoma this weekend - holiday traffic down to & through SF is a scary thing. If by any chance y'all end up heading north on Sunday, definitely let me know! I'll see if I can rally myself for Monday morning tidepooling, because I love it & would love to hang out! But driving back up to Sonoma from the San Mateo coast on 4th of July might be enough to dissuade me. Wish you were staying longer, since there are fun tidepooling plans afoot for pretty much every day next week!

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Looking forward to a fun time this weekend! Have a safe drive up north.

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Have a great time! Sorry to miss it!

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Sounds great! I look forward to seeing what you find!

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