Slime Moulds and Fungi.

During the winter of 2022 I became aware of slime moulds. I don't recall exactly where; perhaps on Facebook. I took some time to learn what I could and then waited for the summer rains to arrive so that I could look for these organisms in the garden. Well the rains came and I went looking.

The first one I found was in leaf litter after extensive rain. To be more accurate it was the fruiting bodies of the slime mould that I saw and photographed. This was identified as Genus Didymium on iNat.

The second I found growing on the underside of a stick I had mounted on my pool fence as a bird perch. It was identified as Genus Arcyria on iNat.

The third was a fairly common one, identified as Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa and known by the common name of Common Coral Slime.
I had seen this in the garden in 2021 without appreciating it for what is is.

I loaded a few more observations onto iNat of what I think are fruiting bodies of slime moulds but have yet to get any sort of confirmation ID. These were growing on an old dead and rotting sick:

These slime mould fruiting bodies are very small; maybe 1-2mm tall and about 0.5mm wide. My standard camera/lens combinations are really not sophisticated enough to capture their true beauty but some amazing photography can be found on iNat, Facebook, Youtube and on internet sites.

While looking for slime moulds I came across a number of interesting fungi as well. I think they are all fungi as I am yet to get identifications on any of these: :

It will be great to get feedback on these observations and I look forward to find more during this 2022 summer rainy season.

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