jueves, 05 de octubre de 2017

Cooper Lake State Park - South Sulfur Unit

I took a trip to Cooper Lake State Park from Monday through Wednesday and made a few interesting observations!

I got to the park around 12:30PM Monday, October 2. I was able to check in early, which was great - I was able to take in Coyote Run Trail with only partly cloudy conditions. The first 3/4 of a mile was charred. Quite a bit of the park was burnt, actually, but it was long enough ago for plant life to rebound. I had to get some observation time in since I knew that Tuesday, my only full day there, would be rainy.

On Tuesday, the rain came around 9 AM or so and lasted until maybe 1 PM. The ground was wet early, so it must've rained overnight. I was able to enjoy a belted kingfisher from my cabin window - watching it quickly dive into the lake from the rocks and emerge with small breakfast items. After that first round of storms came through, I was able to enjoy the park despite the extreme humidity and occasional light drizzle. The sun even came out a few times. The humidity, though - as soon as I brought my camera to my face, my glasses would fog up! So getting good shots was still difficult, but I managed a few. Heavy rains and storms came again around 7 and lasted a good while, but I was back in my cabin and settled in by then.

Wednesday was pack up and leave day. I still caught sight of a greater roadrunner while loading my car. It was tough, though, because my camera wasn't acclimated yet to the warmth and I had a heck of a time keeping the moisture off of the lens. I didn't get much on the last day...

Unfortunately I did not get a bug light set up. The light I bought didn't come with a power cord despite it being listed on the box, and I didn't realize this until the night before!

The cabin was awesome. Air conditioning, beds with linens and pillows, a patio overlooking the lake, electricity with a microwave and a refrigerator, and more space than my apartment. I might consider going back!

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