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08 de abril de 2017

City Nature Challenge 2017: Boston Area BioBlitz

Hello everyone. I thought it might be helpful to create a journal post so folks that are participating it the Bioblitz can communicate if they should wish to do so or if any groups are planning on meeting up at any point to look for stuff this may be a good way to communicate and share recommendations on places to visit. Also, if you're not familiar with journal posts you can follow it and be updated when someone posts something here. I also have a portable moth light set up though it's early in the season, some critters might still come to the black light. Does anyone know of a place in the greater Boston area that might allow that to be arranged? Also feel free to share the journal post and Bioblitz page with other inat folks that you think might be interested in participating in the BioBlitz.

Link to the BioBlitz

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