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09 de febrero de 2017

Florida road trip. Looking for recommendations.

Hello everyone. I'm in the works of planning a Florida road trip from New England for early to mid May with tentative plans to b line with maybe a stop or two along the way to break up the drive. Looking for recommendations on places to stop on the return. Thinking maybe smoky mountains and Appalachians on the way back up north. My last trip consisted of a plan to photograph a 100 species in each state that I traveled through with an aim to photograph a few specific to locality. That trip ended up being limited to about 75 species per state average due to weather in some cases and time. Hoping to fulfill a similar trip. Hoping to spend 3-4 days in Florida. I would like to go through the Everglades so some one mentioned traveling across Florida to Naples. Taxa of particular interest are Gastropods, millipedes, amphibians, insects and then everything else. If anyone wants to meet up along the way or caravan down let me know. I enjoy meeting new people. I will also have a portable moth/bug light set up so if anyone has a recommendation on where to do that as well it would be appreciated.

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